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Pam has struggled with weight her entire life but now found herself at a crossroads. Facing life-threatening medical issues, Pam chose bariatric surgery at Wesley Woodlawn.

Follow Pam’s progress on this journey as she undergoes weight loss surgery and discovers the life that was just beyond her reach. If you’re facing significant weight challenges or have been curious about bariatric surgery, follow along.

Aug 31

Pam’s Weight Loss Journey – Introduction

Sep 01
Decision to have surgery

Pam began to research her options for bariatric weight loss surgery, leading her to meet with Dr. Brown and Wesley Woodlawn Bariatric Surgery Center for the first time. Pam’s pre-surgery weight was 296 lbs.

Nov 15

Pam fell ill, suffering from side effects of her gastroparesis. The decision to move forward with surgery had to be postponed, but only for a short while. Pam rescheduled her surgery for early February 2018.

Feb 19

Making the Decision

Feb 21

The moment has come for surgery day. Pam has worked long and hard to get to this point with her pre-surgery prep and is already down 21 pounds!

Mar 27

At one month post-op, Pam’s gastroparesis is completely gone, she is off of her insulin and is down 44 pounds. See her progression by playing the video above.

Jun 18

Pam is 4 months out from surgery and has made incredible progress from losing 70+ pounds, to taking less medications than she’s had to in her entire adult life, to landing a part-time job! Watch how Pam’s life has changed by clicking the ‘play’ button above.

Apr 12

One year post-op, Pam has lost over 100 pounds! Follow along while she reaches her goals of trying on her favorite designer jackets and going horseback riding for the first time since she was a little girl. Find out what other things in Pam’s life have changed by clicking the ‘play’ button above.